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  1. Olga^Terrible~3|Stephanie Wernimont^It’s a solid sweatshirt.. decent material.. but nothing like the picture.. mine didnt even have a front pocket and had gray hood strings. Cheaply screenprinted.. Dont risk it. Buy from the Thrasher website.~3|Richard butte^S*** knock off printed like garbage . Don’t waste your money.~3|Amazon Customer^DO NOT BUY it is a waste of money. Nothing like a real thrasher sweatshirt. Poor material. It has weird metal THIS on the draw strings. I am very disappointed. I am returning it&#44 i reserved it about a month ago and I have been trying to return it ever since but the seller still hasnt gotten back to me~3|alex^DO NOT BUY. Product is cheaply made&#44 very thin&#44 false advertising the logo&#44 and it is not in men sizes like it says. I got a medium and it feels like I’m wearing a size small in kids. Also took a month to ship.~3|Marquis^The thrasher sweater is really small even though I ordered US medium a Chinese medium was still shipped. The quality of the sweater is not anywhere close to a thrasher and wayyyy too thin. The sweater logo also has white print behind it and looks like a sticker. All in all I was very disappointed to order this sweater~3|Amazon Customer^Cheaply made&#44 faded logo&#44 easily dethreading. But the actually material is comfortable but not at all like the picture shows. Maybe it was just mine but the logo was hardly even noticeable. I would add a picture but I am lazy.~4|Amazon Customer^Doesn’t even deserve one star. Very poor quality&#44 took 7 weeks to ship and then showed up too small. Biggest POS ever.~3|Amber Courtney^It was late and not even a was a t shirt and you couldn’t even read it…very disappointed!~3|Vegarudy^The material is not very good.~3|


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